Woodball in Teso College Aloet

The Uganda Woodball Confederation introduced the game in Soroti district with Teso College as the host school. Competitions were held and TCA emerged the champions.

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The Game of Woodball

Woodball is a new sport (invented in 1990 in Taiwan) that is fast gaining popularity in Uganda and many other places in the world. The game is played with wooden mallets and wooden balls, with the object of hitting the ball through ‘gates‘. The gates are made of two wooden uprights with a crossbar between then. Hanging in the center of the crossbar in such a way that it swings freely is a cup-shaped piece of wood that is struck by the ball as it passes through. The mallets have a bottle-shaped heads and are about 35.5 inches long. The ball is about 3.75 inches in diameter and weighs about 12 oz.

Woodball can be played as singles, doubles, or with teams of 4 to 6 players. It is played on a course of 12, or multiples of 12, fairways, that should total more than 700 meters. Fairways may be rectangular or curved to fit the shape of the land and may have a grassy or clay surface that should be smooth and even.

There are two types of competition, stroke and fairway. In stroke competitions a count is kept of the number of strokes required to hit the ball through all the fairways, and the player or team with the lowest number of strokes wins. In fairway competitions the player or team who has won over the most fairways shall be the winner.

The International Woodball Federation (IWbf) oversees the sport, with national teams from 44 countries. IWbf conducts several international woodball tournaments throughout the year.
Teso College Aloet Woodball Teams 2016

Senior Team (Under 17) Junior Team (Under 14)
Name Class Name Class
1 Benard Abwanget (Captain) 5Sc I Daniel Omara S2
2 Isaac Opolot 5Arts Benard Charles Phelan S1
3 Pascal Ogwal 5Sc II Julius Ebulu S2
4 Joel Iisa S6 Peter Obila S2
5 Isaac Modo S5 Benard Okiro Emenyu (Captain) S2
6 John Bosco Igelat S4 Job Euchu S2
7 Morris Etionu S6 Austine Tom Okurut S1
8 Benard Obaet (Assistant Captain) 5Arts Walter Oboi S1
9 Elijah Emotu S6 Jonathan Wachal S2
10 Ivan Edau S6 Joel Olinga (Assistant Captain) S2
11 John Henry Oonyu S6 Pius Emolu S1
12 Valentine Anatu S6 Ezra Olupot S2
13 Gilbert Okullo S6 Gerald Esabo S1
14 Tyson Solimo S5
15 Jolly Clement Oluka S5
16 Stephen Otuko S5
17 Andrew Charles Obwakori S5