Message From the Head Prefect: James Opedun, 6 Arts 2012

Self-confidence and good communication skills are important assets that have propelled me into a position of leadership as a Head Prefect. My commitment to unity, teamwork and humility are important qualities which helped to win the votes of my peers.


Being Head Prefect has presented special challenges and required personal sacrifice. In a large school like Teso College Aloet, it requires a conscious effort to be a good role model. With the challenges that the student body and the school have faced, I have learned to set a good example for others.

One of my most memorable challenges as Head Prefect involved keeping the peace among the students when on one occasion food was poorly prepared. The boys became unhappy and unruly. It took courage to stand before them and convince them that the problem would be resolved to their satisfaction. I diffused the tense situation by taking student representatives to examine the stock of beans in the school store. Having been reassured that the food quality was indeed good, they were able to focus on their examinations. By using simple wisdom, I was able to avert a possible strike by the students.

Another of our greatest successes occurred early this year when the Uganda Certificate Examination (UCE) results were released. This was a proud moment for me. I knew that my quick thinking had made it possible for the students to focus on the important task of doing well in their examinations instead of going on strike. I realized then that a correct decision made by a leader can have a far reaching impact. I am gratified that during my tenure as head prefect we were able to achieve these excellent results.

In spite of its many challenges, serving as head prefect has been an invaluable opportunity for me to develop my leadership skills. I am grateful for this opportunity to lead my peers.