Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the Cultural Club. The club was established on 3 May 2012 after the Iteso students came to realize that their cultural heritage, especially language, customs, norms, values and beliefs were being eroded.
The students consulted widely and decided to form a Cultural Affairs club called Iteso Cultural Union (ICU). The club is recognized by His Highness Papa Emorimor of the mainstream ICU. The main objectives of the ICU are comprised of the following:

  • To appeal to young students in the Teso sub-region by raising awareness of the need for peaceful coexistence among people from diverse ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds, through mentorship and discussion of cross-cutting issues and shared cultural values
  • To campaign for the preservation and protection of traditional heritage sites in Teso and at the school, these traditional sites include the stepping art and Nyero rock paintings.
  • To train the students to sing the ICU anthem at all times, know the meaning of their ancestral names and teach them to count the months in Ateso.
  • Empower the youth through income-generating activities such as tree-planting, animal-rearing, and farm-savings groups
  • To develop and nurture talents through sports activities and competitions
  • To offer charitable services to the needy in hospitals and neighbouring community

The club was inaugurated by an official from the Office of the Prime Minister and ICU Kenya Minister of Culture, as well as Mr. Stephen Erau, representing Emorimor. Mr. Odongo Jude PM and 36 other cabinet ministers were in attendance. Mr. Napthali Ogwang currently serves as Patron.