This website is the culmination of a four-year project – information gathering began in 2010, when John W. Kedi Osire, along with some of the Teso College Aloet (TCA) Old Boys in the diaspora, started email discussions about creating a website for TCA. The former students include Dr. Peter Okaalet, Michael Atingi-Ego, Henry Kerali, John Robert Lorech, Francis Okello, Irenius Barasa, David Enabu, Edward Okello Ekochu and Emmanuel Oluka.

We are continually working on the website, and it will only get better with time. The initial stages of website creation were a great challenge, in that it was very hard to find information about TCA. Teso College Aloet is deeply grateful to the following individuals for the conceptualization and creation of this website.

Former Teachers who contributed articles and pictures:

Graham Heddle, Larry Olds, Bob Anja Landheer, Liz and Tom Thomas (provided the old copies of TCA magazines from the UK), Robert Knoppert and Former Students in the TCA diaspora.

TCA website content team:

Martin Okoed, David Fred Okot, Francis Ojangole, Silvester Ocaatum (Current Head Teacher), Chebet Sayekwo Twaha (Deputy Head Teacher I), Lunialo Abdul Maliki (former Deputy Head Teacher II), Paul Oboi, the entire staff and the students of Teso College.

The Technical Team:

Design and development of the website: John W. Kedi Osire.

Financial Support:

Michael Atingi-Ego and John W. Kedi Osire.

Old Students Support team:

Francis Ogojo Okello, Dr Peter Okaalet, Dr. Henry Kerali, Mr. Irenaeus Wandera Barasa. Dr. Michael Atingi-Ego, Dr. Edward Okello

Many thanks for the outstanding work you all did in the development of this website. Without your faithful dedication, hard work, and diligence, this website would not have been possible.

Because of your support and professional assistance, the Teso College Aloet community will have the opportunity to understand and appreciate TCA cultural and academic heritage more fully.

We hope that this website will make the school more visible and that the history of the school will be preserved. It is our wish that the old students will be inspired to put back into the school and the younger generation will be encouraged to aspire to greater things.

Please send any articles, stories and old pictures you have to

We hope you will explore more of the website and see all the wonderful things that TCA has to offer!