The administration of Teso College has put in considerable effort to make sure that games and sports at various participation levels continue to develop and grow. Sports disciplines such as football, volleyball and basketball have gained prominence in the school. Over the years, we have deepened our involvement in football and volleyball competitions at district and zone levels. We have always managed to show satisfactory performance in different levels.

Other disciplines, such as rugby and cricket, have developed tremendously and today TCA boasts of a large and loyal following.

In athletics, many will have observed that we have not been performing at our best, though some of our boys have always represented the district at the national level. Though we have been performing at a satisfactory level, we have been registering some shortcomings, not due to lack of talent, but rather due to the following:

  • Inadequate training
  • Lack of exposure to higher levels
  • Lack of facilities for training
  • Inadequate funds for long term coaching
  • Inadequate sports equipment and items

Our strategic plan and focus therefore entails the following:

  • Putting in place a high performance program to ensure proper physical preparation
  • Putting in place long-term coaches
  • Stocking sports stores with equipment and items
  • Refresher courses for games and sports teachers

The efforts as enumerated above provide a glimpse of our overall strategy, but if there is one thing we are lacking, it is funds.

We appeal to the OBs of Teso College to support us in making Teso College reach greater heights in games and sports.

Our sports council is comprised of the following persons:

  Mr. Chebet Twaha Chairman
  Mr. Mukamba David Coordinator/Patron Football
  Mr. Okolimong Isaac Secretary/Patron Rugby
  Mr. Euna Moses Patron Athletics
  Mr. Ocen Samuel Asst Patron Athletics
  Mr. Ojilong David Patron Volleyball/Cricket
  Mr. Akol Nicky Patron Basketball


The First Basketball Team Created and Coached by Mr. Larry Olds
Soccer Team
TCA sports and athletics trophies
School truck late sixties: “Mr. Okwaput”, the driver
TCA School  Bus 2012
TCA School Bus 2014