Cricket in Teso College Aloet

Cricket is played in Teso College by a small but enthusiastic group of players. TCA regularly holds inter-house cricket competitions, with the best players going to the Senior and Junior teams. The teams regularly compete at events at the regional and national levels.

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Cricket Team and the Patron 2016

The Game of Cricket
Cricket is a popular bat-and-ball game in Great Britain and its former colonies, such as Uganda. It‘s played on a grassy field with a rectangular area (called a pitch) in the center that is 22 yd long and 10 ft wide. At each end of the pitch are the wickets, with vertical pieces called stumps and horizontal pieces called bails. The object of the game is to throw the ball at the opposing teams‘ wicket and hit it so that the bails fall down. There are two teams (called sides) of eleven players each. The sides take turns batting and bowling (pitching). Each turn is called an innings.

At the start of the game two batsmen and eleven fielders enter the field of play. A player, called the bowler, is designated from the fielding side to throw the ball. After he has bowled six times (called an over), he is replaced by a new bowler.

The batsmen stand at either end of the pitch. The one on the receiving end of the ball (called the striker) stands in front of the wicket and uses the bat to hit the ball away from it and down the field, attempting to hit it far enough away so that he and the other batsman can exchange places on the pitch. This is called a run. A run can also be scored if the batsman hits the ball to the outside edge of the playing field, called the boundary.

A batsman can be dismissed in a variety of ways─for instance, if the ball is caught while he‘s attempting a run and a member of the opposing team hits his wicket while he is not there to defend it. An innings is finished when 10 of the 11 members of the batting team have been dismissed, when a set number of overs has been played, or when the batting team declares that they have enough runs.

Cricket matches can range from informal weekend games on the village green to large professional matches with an international audience.

Cricket Chairperson

Teso College Aloet Cricket Teams

Senior Team (Under 17) Junior Team (Under 14)
Name Class Name Class
1 Brian Apunyo 6Sc II Daniel Ochom S3
2 Ronald Ebulu 3A Lawrence Okia(Assistant Captain) S1
3 Reagan Ekobu (Assistant Captain) 3B Jacob Onyait S1
4 Allan Obore (Captain) 4B Joseph Apollo S1
5 Andrew William Omule 6Sc I James Opope S1
6 KokasOkello S6 GamalielEperu (Captain) S1
7 Emmanuel Egonu S6 Joel Eyodu S1
8 Egonu Allan Nabugyere S6 Emmanuel Erieu S1
9 MedadOkia 3B JairuEtochu S1
10 Vigil Imodo 3B Christopher Osakal S1
11 GelasOkwii 3B Benard Phelan S1
12 Benjamin Etapukan 3A JumaOsururu S1
13 Samuel Adoa 3A Charles Ebwari S1
14 Paul Igulot 3B Lawrence Omoit S1
15 Paul Ocaatum 3B Andrew Egonyu S1
16 Daniel Ogule S1
17 David Angaki S1