After a long hiatus, the club resumed meeting in 2006 with 10 members. Back then, one paid UGX 500 to join, and there was no subscription fee per term. In 2011, the club produced the first issue of the school magazine, the Pelican, since the last magazine of the 1960s. In 2012, the second edition of the Pelican was produced. In 2013, we have registered about 35 members, who pay a registration fee of UGX 4000 and a subscription fee of UGX 1000.

The club serves a critical function in the school as a source of information and means of communication. Among other things, the club does the following services to the School:

  • Publishes the Pelican annually
  • Conducts cartoon networking, drawing cartoons to disseminate relevant information concerning the school and students, while bringing out the fun of being in school. The cartoons are posted to the notice boards every Wednesday.
  • Gathers news that is “broadcast during General Assembly, conducted every Monday.
  • Trains other students on news writing, editing and so forth.

Thus far, the club has been successful. It has registered the numerous achievements highlighted below:

  • Increasing membership, up to 35 members from 10 members in 2006 and 17 members in 2011
  • Publishing two editions of the Pelican.
  • Certificates have been awarded to previous leaders and members.
  • Increasing attendance at meetings.

In the future, the club plans to do the following:

  • Practice income-based agriculture to fund the club
  • Print club t-shirts
  • Visit media houses such as Monitor, New Vision, and NTV Uganda in order to learn more about journalism.
  • Invite volunteer journalists, preferably OBs, to give us basic tips in journalism.
  • Revise the design of the Pelican

“Aijaanakin ka Arimarit”

Isaac Agobe, Club President (2012-2013)