Message from the Head Prefect: David Dickson Olinga, 6 Science 2014

My ambition to become Head Prefect was triggered by my successful leadership as Deputy Head Prefect in my previous ‘O’ level school. Long before the official time to campaign knocked on the door, I prayed and trusted in God that I would be a good Teso College Aloet Head Prefect. I could foretell winning, success and prosperity in my leadership. Thank God, finally, those prophecies came true. This reminds me of the fact that with God all things are possible and when He is for us, none can ever be against us…

As Head Prefect, I have been working side by side with the administration and the students at large to contribute toward the accomplishment of the school vision, with guidance from the Almighty God. This is the actual base of our school leaders’ year theme: “Excellence, greatness and good character.” The theme is the real epitome of divine favour. We have been able to close the gap between the administration and the student body and improve the students’ conduct and integrity, along with other achievements.

I am glad to say that during my leadership in Teso College, the school has risen to new heights. With all this experience in a short period of time, I am looking forward to continuing with my leadership ambitions beyond the boundaries of Uganda. I aspire to chair the African Union summits, even be part of the UN family. My career goal is to become a renowned cardiologist within 10 years of 2013, not by strength nor by might, but by the spirit of the Lord.