A message from Mr. Otim Eswau Martin, patron of the National Drug Authority (NDA) club

NDA is one of the youngest and most vibrant clubs in the college. This can be attributed to the expectations of the members. They believe that if they are able to curtail the vice of drug-taking, they will do a lot for their school and the nation as a whole.
The club is an initiative from the Uganda National Drug Authority to reach out to the schools and, in particular, the young students who are the targets of illicit drug sellers.

Aims of the club
  • To create awareness among the learners of the available illicit drugs and substances on the market that are a threat to human health
  • To help learners who might have involved themselves in taking these drugs and substances to stop
  • To avoid stigmatizing through isolation those who are already drug abusers─this is in line with the saying: “Help a friend to find help.
  • To give the opportunity for testimonies from students who have left off consuming drugs and other prohibited substances

As a school, TCA has embraced the club and our students are very passionate about it. They have already formed the administrative structure, composed of:

1. Otim Eswau Martin Patron
2. Amukun Stephen President S.5S
3. Esiana Abraham Vice President S.3
4. Eyapu Willbert General Secretary S.5 A
5. Wambi Emmanuel Vice-General Secretary S.3
6. Emolu Amos Speaker S.5S
7. Okali Patrick Vice Speaker S.3
8. Amunyo Ezekiel Treasurer S.5S
9. Engulu Paul Mobiliser S.5S
10. Otim Jonathan Deputy S.3
11. Epiru Elijah Spiritual Leader S.5S
12. Ariong Michael Information Publicity S.5A
13. Otube Moris Assistant Information Publicity S.3


Criteria for Mobilization

We reach out to other students through the following ways:

  • Parades
  • General assemblies
  • Class periods
  • Drawings
  • Writing articles
  • Debates
  • Quizzes
  • Poems


Future Plans
  • We plan to increase public awareness of the problem through the following methods:
    • Have talk shows on the local FM radio stations
    • Visit schools within our area
    • Put on dramas showing the bad effects of drug abuse

We would like to thank Madam Nanyonjo and Confidence Asiimwe for the vital information they have given us through New Vision, and for supplying us with 30 reference copies every Wednesday.

Dangerous Drugs and Substances

The following drugs and substances are most commonly abused:

  • Mairungi
  • Miraj
  • Kuber
  • Tobacco
  • Spirits
  • Paspalum

Though no serious research has been done on paspalum, it is often consumed today and is purported to have similar or worse results than kuber.

Effects of Drug Abuse
  • They can cause brain damage
  • They can cause addiction and dependence
  • They can cause suicidal tendencies
  • They can cause madness and depression
  • They can lead to isolation
  • They can lead to students dropping out of school
  • They can lead to damage of the organs, such as the kidneys, liver and lungs
  • They can lead to rape and defilement