About Administration Support

Working together, the Board of Governors, Parents-Teachers Association and School Advisors take care of business, social and emotional support for Teso College.

The Board of Governors (BOG) oversees corporate strategy for TCA. The members approve school plans and policies as set out by the Head Teacher and consistently evaluate the performance of staff, teachers and administration. In this way they promote a true culture of excellence at Teso College. The current leaders of the BOG are Mr. Patrick Honorat Igulot, Chairperson, and Dr. Okure John, Vice Chairperson.
The Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) is the bridge between Teso College and the wider community. They work with parents and other community members to promote the welfare of students and school through activities where parents and teachers can get to know each other and consult together. Mr. Okiror Peter is Chairperson of the PTA. Mrs. Ekume Apino Jane is Vice Chairperson.
The School Advisors’ professionally trained and experienced counselors care for the mental and emotional health of students and staff members. They also organize talks for the edification and enrichment of the people of Teso College.