Message from the Chairperson UNSA: Erabu Emmanuel, Teso College Aloet 2016–2017


I am truly humbled by the opportunity to write to the whole fraternity of this prestigious College, Teso College Aloet. Irrespective of the platform, the message remains crystal clear, “this college deserves its glory.”

Little did I know that in this part of the world stand gallant gentlemen destined for greatness. I ask myself: why cannot we brand our name as a College? Why cannot we have 100% passing in Division one in UCE? Why cannot we have the best debating club in the region, best football club in the region? There are so many questions but I chose to begin answering the few.

I choose to answer these questions by taking the first step, which is to be a leader. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and leads the way. As the chairperson of the newly elected councilors of Teso College Aloet, it is my noble responsibility to guide the rest of the council as we begin the journey of landing this college to greatness.

Clubs are one of the various sectors the school administration fully supports. The role of the students is to basically participate in these, take every opportunity, win club-competitions, and get scholarships because these clubs have changed the lives of many. Some of our students, however, have a poor commitment to the clubs. It is therefore, our role as a council to activate clubs, moral boost students to join them and relay the good news to the administrators.

We are the voice of the students of this college. The administration has played its part, what is left is the part or role to be played by students. Besides working hard, students will be allowed to give opinion on how the school programmes should run, what adjustment they would like, what makes them happy or sad, all these will be relayed to the school administration by the vibrant elected councilors.

The above is just a glimpse of what is going down in the council of Teso College Aloet. There is a lot do in this regime. It is my hope and prayer that all that is set up for the good of this College is geared towards the realization of the vision we all have, a vision for Teso College shining among stars.

“Aijaanakin Ka Arimarit”


UNSA Chairman
Erabu Emmanuel
Vice Chairman (Upper)
Nambafu Balibali Andrew
Vice Chairman (Lower)
Ogugu Elijah
1st 2nd 3rd
1. Chairman Erabu Emmanuel 6ScI
2. Vice Chairman (Upper) Nambafu Balibali Andrew 6ScI
3. Vice Chairman (Lower) Ogugu Elijah 4A
4. Speaker Obot Allan 6A
5. Deputy Speaker Olupot Daniel 4B
6. General Secretary Olato Emmanuel 6Sc II
7. Assistant General Secretary Lochu Isaac Ojao 4B
8. Finance Secretary Ochen Ambrose 6Sc II
9. Secretary School Affairs Ariengu Raphael 4B
10. Secretary for Information and Publicity Okurut Vincent 4A
11. Secretary for Environment and Sanitation Emenyu Henry 3A


L-R:  Hon. Obot Allan (Speaker), Hon. Ocen Ambrose Ogwang (Sec. Finance), Hon. Emenyu Henry (Secretary Interschool Affairs), Hon. Erabu Emmanuel (Chairman), Hon. Olupot Daniel (Deputy Speaker-Lower), Hon. Ogugu Elijah (Vice Chairman-Lower), and Hon. Olato Emmanuel (General Secretary)

1. Oucul John 2A
2. Namonyo 2A
3. Okeju John William 2a
4. Omoit Lawrence 2a
5. Ojur Michael 2B
6. Okwap John Bosco 2B
7. OtinietKizito 2b
8. Moru Collins 2b
9. OkungBenard 3A
10. Wokorach Isaac Oling 3B
11. Ogwaraleng Isaac 3B
12. Okiror Ivan 3b
13. Otim Samuel Okure 3b
14. Orono Paul Goodman 3a
15. Okello Daniel 3a
16. Omoding Herbert 4a
17. Otim Noah 4a
18. Ochom Paul 4b
19. Ekilu John 6ARTS
1. Ijoot Anthony 2A
2. MukisaZedek 2B
3. Ashaba Emmanuel 2b
4. OrukOkello Jonathan 2a
5. Eyupa Nelson Fortune 3A
6. Lomongin Joseph Acakara 3B
7. Osujo Anthony 3a
8. Ikara Emmanuel 3b
9. Oboi Walter 4b
10. Monyang Ivan 4a
11. Obore Arthur 4B
12. Elakas Joseph 4A
13. Omito Allan 6ARTS
14. Otala Phillip 6SCII