The Head Prefect leads his fellow prefects in their duties, leads the student Council, represents the student voice and the school at a variety of events, and is an excellent example to other students. He looks after the school and creates a link between teachers and pupils.
  • To act as a role model for the students and promote the mission, vision and ethos of Teso College Aloet, particularly with regards general behaviour around the school and respectful treatment of everyone at TCA.
  • To represent and speak for all students in the school.
  • As a leader of the prefects, the Head Prefect understands the importance of teamwork and must organize and lead the prefects. The head prefect must attend all meetings with the prefects as required.
  • To maintain the standards, duties and responsibilities of Teso College students.
  • To attend school events when required.
  • To ensure all students adhere to the school rules at all times.
  • To use the existing school structure provided for the necessary support to carry out duties.


  • Good public speaking skills
  • The capacity to lead assemblies of all age groups
  • The ability to motivate other students, particularly his peer group
  • Good organizational and communication skills
  • A mature and thoughtful outlook
  • Excellent leadership and teamwork skills
  • Responsible and reliable
  • High standards of politeness, courtesy, dress, attendance and punctuality
  • The confidence to talk to visitors, staff and other students appropriately