The story below gives some insight into life in Teso College in the sixties, and richly shows the values of the school.

A Typical Weekend in Teso College

“We end classes at two p.m. every day. That means that on Fridays from two p.m. until Monday morning, we have a comparatively free time. This is probably why a weekend is a welcome period to the boys. You may hear them reckoning the number of days before the weekend.

On Friday at two p.m. you feel it in the air. The bustle made in the classrooms as books are packed in the lockers to rest there over the weekend, and the quick strides towards the dormitories, all signify the arrival of the beloved weekend.

There are two other events before Friday is out. The first includes the clubs‘ football matches at four p.m. Football being compulsory for every student, a spectator at these matches will be greatly amused, particularly by the third club. The second is the meeting after supper of the various societies.

Saturday morning proves to be the hardest period of the weekend. Classrooms and dormitories have to be cleaned to a good standard. The boys also have to be very presentable in the school uniform at their duties during the headmasters‘ inspection at nine a.m. There is a source of vigour in every boys mind as he works; that is the prospect of going to the town by the school truck if his dormitory is among the cleanest three. At the ten a.m. assembly, when the results of the inspection are announced, everybody listens with fervent desire to hear his dormitory mentioned. Then as the winning dormitories are mentioned, some faces brighten while others darken. The winners, however, are soon off to the town and the rest disperse for the day’s leave. But there are also a few unfortunate ones who, while their friends are fast disappearing, are seen to drag hoes behind them regretfully to a certain part of the compound and there to work as a punishment for some misbehaviour during the week.

Lunch at one thirty p.m. partly accounts for the surprisingly sudden appearance of all boys at that time. Also there is the thought of painting for the artists, the library for readers, and the radio for those interested in news and music: all taking place after lunch. A weekend is always welcome, not only because of the comparative leisure but also because of the possible entertainments during that time. Among others, a friendly game of cricket or football against a visiting team, and, more popular, a film show, are important entertainments. The first two mentioned entertainments usually end up with the visitors defeat, for our teams are very strong. The film show has become so popular that without it the weekend seems to be only half-enjoyable. However, on this typical weekend there must be various entertainments. In the afternoon of Sundays footsteps turn once again towards the classroom, for there is some preparation work to be done. But this time, the footsteps are livelier after the weekend’s refreshments. Finally, after six p.m., there is a roll call, perhaps to check those who are enjoying their privilege too much.

Original unedited content of the open essay competition piece written by P.J. Sansa, winner of the Third Prize, Teso College Magazine, 1960. .