Message from UNSA Chairman, Hon. Daniel Okabo, PEM, 6 Science

Reasons I became the chairman of UNSA:

I was motivated to be the house captain and head prefect at ‘O’ level, as I wanted to develop the confidence and courage I would need to prepare myself for my political future. I did such things as supporting the students in their academic pursuits, helping them achieve successful careers through encouraging them and waking them up for morning prep, promoting unity and maintaining cordial relationships among students through forming discussion groups, and getting them involved in club activities. I ensured and promoted mutual relationships among students and between students, teachers and administrators through organising football competitions among them. Part of my duties was to check on the welfare of the students. I mobilized the students through the school routine and helped solve time management problems.

I wanted to set an example for the rest of the students. I learned a lot about leadership through representing the student body and the school at large. Mentoring the students, sharing ideas with them and encouraging them during parades and assemblies also taught me a lot about leadership. I checked on the student’s general conduct and dress code, and negotiated with the school administration on their behalf in disciplinary cases. In general, I encouraged the students to care about one another, the school and the entire country.


I am proud to relate the projects UNSA has achieved: we have printed tags for easy identification of all the UNSA councilors, the issue of food has been improved upon through personal discussion with the administrators, and attendance of lessons by both the students and teachers has greatly improved.

We as UNSA have so far advocated improvement to the school, such as the construction of new shelters for the students, more dust bins, and new balls for all games and sports. Academics has greatly improved due to our efforts – waking the students for morning preps and encouraging them to work extremely hard. Discipline at the school has improved, with less theft, bullying and fighting. Time management has also improved since we bought wall clocks for all the student streams. We have helped to utilize class room equipment such as dusters, brooms and chalk.

I as the chairman have motivated many students to join clubs and the football team as well.

I have represented the students and school administration in many occasions. (I am a national delegate of UNSA in Soroti district.) Love and unity has been promoted in TCA, which is a great achievement.

My dream

I look forward to becoming one of the most admired engineers and politicians in the country. All this will be attributed to the experience I have attained as a leader in Teso College Aloet in such areas as House Captain, Deputy Head Prefect, and Chairman of UNSA, including various posts in the clubs and societies.


UNSA Chairman
Okabo Daniel
Vice Chairman (Upper)
Emalu Paul
Vice Chairman (Lower)
Engole David
1st 2nd 3rd

UNSA ELECTS 2013/2014

1) Chairman OKABO Daniel 6SCII
2) Vice Chairman (UPPER) EMALU Paul 5ARTS
3) Vice Chairman (Lower) ENGOLE David 4B
4) Speaker OONGOR Brian 6SCI
5) Deputy Speaker IMALINGAT John Robert 4a
6) General Secretary AKOCHIL Moses 6SCI
7) Ass. General Secretary ALOU Edmond 3A
8) Finance Secretary ARYON Jacob Desmond 6ARTS
9) Secretary School Affairs OLARA Isaac Silas 3b
10) Secretary for Information & Publicity AKWANU Emmanuel O. 3A
11) Secretary for Environment and Sanitation ABARIMO Lawrence 3a

L-R: Paul Emalu, Emmanuel Olinga, Emmanuel Akwanu, Tonny Abusa, Abraham Okiria, Ben Ejuku, Daniel Okabo (Chairman), Lawrence Abarimo, Robert Imalingat, Moses Akochil, Daniel Opio, Jacob Desmond Aryon, and Silas Olara. Squatting L-R: Edmond Alou and Eric Otim

1 OJUR Tom 2A
2 ESEMU Nicholas 2A
3 AIDE Eria Valentine 2a
4 OPEL Emmanuel 2a
5 OKOPOR Richard 2B
6 OBUA Joseph 2B
7 ETOLU Silver 2b
8 OTEKAT Emmanuel 2b
9 ALOU Edmond 3A
10 OKIRIA Abraham 3A
11 ABUSA Tonny 3B
12 OLINGA Emmanuel 3B
13 ABARIMO Lawrence 3b
14 OLARA Isaac Silas 3b
15 OKALEBO Stanley 3a
16 OTEMA Amans 3a
17 OCEN Abraham 4A
18 EKWANU Emmanuel 4A
19 ENGOLE David 4B
20 OKIROR Emmanuel 4B
21 IMALINGAT John Robert 4a
22 OTIM Eric 4a
23 OMONGOLE Pius 4b
24 EJUKU Ben 4b
25 ARYON Jacob 6ARTS
26 EMALU Paul 6Arts
27 OONGOR Brian 6SCI
29 OKABO Daniel 6SCII
30 OPIO David 6SCII
1 ERONGU Peter 2A
2 EMORU Gabriel 2B
3 OMONGIN Moses 2b
4 ONGUA Raymond 2a
5 ITOT Arnold 3A
6 AOJAN Moses 3B
7 NGWENO Tonny 3a
8 OKURUT Daniel 4b
9 ONYA Isaac 4a
10 OBONG Ponciano 4B
11 ECHODU Isaac 4A
12 OKIROR Edward 6ARTS