Youth for Christ is a Christian club founded under the auspices of All Saints Chapel Anglican church. The vision of the club is to bring more people to salvation. Our mission is to bring up a morally, physically and spiritually sound young generation. Our motto is “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth.

The aims and objectives of our club are composed of the following:

  • To preach the good news of Christ Jesus to all people
  • To enhance and develop spiritual knowledge among the young
  • To help the vulnerable people of our community by guiding and counselling them and also supporting them both materially and spiritually
  • Interceding for the grace of God to be on all the students, school administration, staff and also the community of Teso College Aloet
  • Having numerous outreaches in various areas aimed at spreading the word of God and also offering charitable activities such as cleaning the hospital, school, and town streets
  • Conducting regular fellowships aimed at improving students‘ knowledge of the Bible and also making them nearer to Christ
  • Conducting church activities such as choir, ushering, leading prayers in case the chaplain has gone out of the station, teaching and guiding Confirmation candidates on what they are supposed to do and know, and also getting the church ready for Sunday fellowship and service
  • Coordinating with other spiritual clubs on campus such as the Scripture Union and others which all aim at improving the spiritual lives of students and the community as a whole

The club leadership is comprised of ten members with the following posts and responsibilities:


  • Chairs all the meetings of the club
  • Mobilizes other executives to ensure that all the activities of the club are running   well
  • Updates the church on the current programs
  • Leads praise and worship in the church

Vice Chairperson: Supports the chairperson

Vice Chairperson Chapel Committee: Coordinates the club with the chapel committee, which is the main administrative body of the Anglican Church in Teso College

Choir Master: Organizes choir activities, including rehearsals and Sunday service activities

Project Manager: Takes charge of all income-generating activities, such as shaving students, renting mattresses, printing T-shirts etc.

Band Master: Responsible for all church entertainment equipment, such as keyboards, speakers etc.

Secretary: Records minutes during the course of the meetings

Treasurer: Responsible for all the accounts of the club

Librarians: Take care of Bibles, hymn books, and other Christian literature

Secretary Publicity: Ensures that the students are aware of what is taking place in the club by writing announcements, notices etc.

Drama Leader: Responsible for all the drama activities aimed at preaching the word of God

Ushers: Help in organizing people during the church service and lead the services and fellowships

Intercessors: These always intercede for the general well-being of the students, school administration, staff, parents and the whole community.

The Patron: The patron is always the Reverend of the Anglican Chapel of the school, currently the Rev. Joseph Aupal.


For more information, contact Lamech Ekuju, Chairperson, YFC (2012-2013), Tel: +256 781 559 689.