Message From the Head Prefect: Patrick Owona Komakech, 6 Arts 2013

Focus and self-confidence are vital in becoming a Head Prefect in Teso College; I went through thick and thin in order to become an HP.

In Teso College Aloet we dare to be wise and set new standards. We know that yesterday wasn’t like today; today will never be like yesterday or tomorrow. To my dear students in this Great School, wake up and accept the challenges of a new day and achieve a better tomorrow. Remember, there is no stupid student on planet Earth. The one believed to be stupid is only lazy. I am happy we’ve no lazy gentlemen in TCA. I say all this for “Aijaanakin ka Arimarit.”


Patrick Komakech Owona is an S6 Science student studying Mathematics, Economics, Technical Drawing and Subsidiary ICT (MET/SICT). Although he is the last born in a family of six children, he aspires to leadership at Teso College and eventually nationally and internationally. As prefect, Patrick has worked to ensure that students, not teachers, take responsibility for prep supervision. He has also worked to limit the practice of tribalism and to decrease the rate of truancy among students. His passion for Teso College is born out of a desire to contribute to the growth of the good image of the school. Patrick understands that leadership involves much personal sacrifice. He encourages other students through his motto, “What you are must always displease you, if you would attain to that which you are not” – St. Augustine. In 2016, he expects to enter the contest for LC III Chairmanship for Vangatira Sub County, Gulu district. In 2031, he plans to run for President.