Welcome to PIASY TCA! With a membership of the about 25% of the student population, PIASY TCA educates and raises awareness on HIV-AIDS issues. We do so by holding assembly talks on HIV and AIDS, hosting school club meetings, organizing a PIASY drama competition, holding in-class talks about HIV and AIDS, developing awareness messages in school, providing guidance and counselling and visiting other schools and TASO Soroti.

We have 16 executives:

1 Care-Taker Chairman Mark Okello
2 Vice Chairman Mark Okello
3 Speaker Geoffrey Martin Okwerede
4 Deputy Speaker Steven Ojula
5 General Secretary Mike Ogwang
6 Asst. Secretary Naboth Emunyu
7 Treasurer Joshua Ikoel Okiror
8 Asst. Treasurer Isaac Onya
9 Peer Educator Francis Opio
10 Drama Leader Jonathan Ouko
11 Asst. Drama Leader Emmanuel Alves Edonu
12 Project Manager Phillip Akol
13 Asst. Project Manager Robert Ebwalu
14 Coordinator Emmanuel Ayo
15 Asst. Coordinator Eric Akwarat
16 Librarian Emmanuel Ocumar