Rugby in Teso College Aloet

Rugby is a game new to Teso College, but, with the support of the administration, it now has a large and loyal following. Two enthusiastic rugby teams, for the junior and senior students, play the game regularly.

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The Game of Rugby

Rugby union, also known as rugby or rugby football, is a full-contact sport based on running while carrying the ball. It is played on a rectangular field approximately 157 yd long by 77 yd wide with two H-shaped goals on either end at the ‘try line‘ about 24 yd from the end of the field, called the ‘dead ball line‘. There are two teams of fifteen players each (usually with a backup of seven or eight substitutes in case of injury, exhaustion etc).

Rugby games are made up of two 40-minute halves with a break in the middle, with the teams exchanging goals after the break. The object of the game is to score points, which is accomplished by scoring a ‘try‘, which is worth five points, after which the scoring team has the opportunity to kick the ball off the ground for a “conversion worth two points. A try is scored when a player touches the ball to the ground on the other side of the opposing team‘s try line, between it and the dead ball line. The player must be touching the ball when it grounded.

The game starts with a drop kick, with players trying to control the ball and advance it towards the opponent‘s goal. Players cannot pass the ball in a forward direction─passes must be backwards or to the side. The ball can be moved forward by a player kicking the ball or carrying it. If these or other minor rules are broken it results in a ‘scrum‘.

During a scrum eight members of each team bind together in three rows and interlock with the front members of the other team. The ball is placed in the center between the two packs and they fight for its possession.

Players try to stop the opposing team from carrying the ball towards their goal. They may ‘tackle‘ the player with the ball by holding him and bringing him to the ground. If the tackled player stays on his feet a ‘ruck‘ or a ‘maul‘ may occur. A ruck happens when other players bind to the original players, usually by interlocking shoulders, and contest for possession of the ball by pushing the other team off the ball or using their feet to hook it back to their own side. Using the hands is not allowed. A maul occurs when the player carrying the ball is held by one or more opponents, and one or more of the ball carrier’s team mates bind on the ball carrier.

For serious infractions of the rules penalty kicks may be awarded.

Teso College Aloet Rugby Teams 2016

Senior Team (Under 17) Junior Team (Under 14)
Name Class Name Class
1 Paul Ameitum 5Sc I Victor Obukor (Captain) 3a
2 Emmanuel Kimong 5Sci II Peter Agwau (Asst. Cap) 3A
3 Ivan Okwalo 5Sci I Joseph Mark Akol 3a
4 Felix Awel 5Sci I Jabez Aterar 3b
5 Ronald Opiding 5Sci I Mark Enau 3a
6 Tom Opolot 5Arts Isaac Ebieu 3A
7 Paul Alemu 5Arts Abraham Esiana 3a
8 Vincent Odong (Asst. Capt) 5 Sci I Martin Egau b
9 Wilbert Eyapu 5Arts Daniel Olupot 3B
10 Jonathan Ebuju 5Arts Emmanuel Omit 3B
11 Emmanuel Erabu 5Sci I Emmanuel Edogu 3b
12 Benjamin Elaku (Captain) 5Arts Raymond Oluka 3a
13 Joseph Okello 5Sci I
14 Andrew Balibali 5Sci II
15 Benard Obaet 5Arts
16 Stephen Enakwu 5Sci I