Message from the Head Prefect: Elaku Benjamin, Teso College Aloet 2016–2017


Greetings to you all! I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all those who have been involved in this noble process of choosing our student leaders – the people who are the voice of the students to the school administration. They are the same people who are ready to serve this great College in this coming year of great achievements at Teso College Aloet.

We have a vision of leaving this prestigious College in a better position than we found it. This is possible if we, as students, can work together with the administration to achieve and add glory to our College at all levels, be it academics, sports or clubs.

In the matter of academic excellence we are blessed as a College. We have some of the best facilities, such as a modern library, which is a rich source of knowledge during our research. We have the best teachers, who are approachable and willing to help us excel in our examinations. So, failure in Teso College Aloet isn‘t an option, but only comes in when we fail to be responsible and live up to what we came to do at school.

We are blessed with the best sports facilities as well. So why not achieve glory in all the sports in which we participate, such as football, rugby, basketball and cricket? It would be satisfying to see some of our old boys represent this country in a sports field. All this can be achieved when we students come together and take part in these various games as a way of developing our talents.

Teso College Aloet has existed now for 62 years. What has kept it shining is its rich culture as a school that the old boys have preserved and promoted. Adding something, like a social function for the candidate classes, would be a very interesting culture we could adopt, whereby we get to invite a girls’ school for a social party or what we can call a ‘leavers party’.