Volleyball in Teso College Aloet

Volleyball is one of the favorite games at Teso College. Inter-house games are a source of spirited competition, which keeps the boys in training for their regular games with other schools in the region. TCA also participates with distinction in national-level volleyball games.

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The Game of Volleyball

Volleyball is a team sport played by two teams of six players on a court approximately 30 ft wide and 59 ft long, which is divided into two equal halves with a net that reaches about 7 ft to 8 ft in height crossing the center. The object of the game is to pass the ball back and forth across the net until one team or other makes a mistake and loses a point.

A ‘rally‘ begins when a player ‘serves‘ the ball by tossing it up and then hitting it with hand or arm over the net and into the opposing team‘s side of the court. The receiving team may pass the ball amongst themselves up to three times, with no player touching the ball twice in a row, to hit the ball back over the net. The rally continues until one team allows the ball to touch the ground on their side of the court within the boundaries or commits a fault.

Some common faults are: touching the net during play, catching or throwing the ball, and the server allowing his foot to cross the boundary line while serving.

The team that did not commit the fault or allow the ball to touch the ground is awarded a point. The first team to score 25 points by a two-point margin is awarded the set. Matches are best-of-five sets and the fifth set, if necessary, is usually played to 15 points.

Teso College Aloet Volleyball Teams 2016

Senior Team (Under 17) Junior Team (Under 14)
Name Class Name Class
1 Abraham Erasmas Okwii (Captain) S5 Alfred Kato Ochen 3a
2 Ignatius Oluka (Assistant Captain) S6 Joel Isaac Okwii 3b
3 Daniel Hope Oumo S5 Thomas Ongora 3A
4 Amos Omule S5 Samuel Ecuman 3b
5 Eddy Opolot S5 Paul Amedo Lochu 3a
6 Andrew Omule S6 Simon Peter Orit 3b
7 Isaac Apunyo S5 Jimmy Nathan Adupa 3b
8 Joel Okoboi S6 Max Edmond Ebyau 3b
9 Ibrahim Okion S5
10 Isaac Opolot S5