The Cyber Science Club serves the ‘O‘ Level students. Using computers supplied by Cyber School Technology Solutions Uganda, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Sports, students are able to learn new technology. The four computers supplied by the Ministry have educational software which has the following benefits:

  • It is fully aligned with the Uganda National ‘O‘ Level Syllabus produced by the National Curriculum Development Centre.
  • It makes difficult subjects and concepts come to life, through animations and straightforward explanations.
  • It greatly captivates the students and assists the teachers.


Cyber School Technology Solutions works closely with the school, focusing on the following objectives:

  • Enhancing the students‘ understanding of science and its applications
  • Achieving significant improvements in student performance in science and mathematics on examinations and in class
  • Making teachers and students fully computer literate
  • Improving the overall performance of schools participating in the software project
  • Making children realize that “Learning is FUN, so that they can better assimilate what is taught, and look forward to the next lesson

Advantages of the Educational Software

From the time the school started using this software, we have experienced the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed attention from all students, the prerequisite for a true improvement in learning is high motivation.
  • Better understanding by the students of complex concepts and theories, such as radiation, nuclear reactions, the respiratory system and osmosis, among other things
  • Increased time for teacher – student interaction due to faster explanation of the concepts
  • Increased student participation
  • Improved teacher preparation and confidence prior to the class session due to ready course ware availability
  • Teachers and students obtaining full proficiency in using the computer and standard computer software