Basketball in Teso College Aloet

Teso College Aloet has a large number of basketball teams, making it one of the school‘s popular sports in terms of participation and completion. The students enjoy many friendly games between houses, and TCA regularly competes at both the regional and national levels.

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Teso College‘s first basketball team in the 1960s

The Game of Basketball

Basketball is an internationally popular sport that is played by two teams of five players each on a rectangular court measuring about 94 by 50 feet (84 by 50 ft for high school games). The object of the game is to throw (‘shoot‘) the ball through a hoop (called the ‘basket‘) 10 feet above the ground─this scores two or three points depending on the area of the court from which it was thrown. If the player shot the ball from the behind the ‘three-point line‘ (usually about 20 to 24 ft away from the basket) it scores three points. If the ball was shot from in front of the three-point line it scores two points.

Each team has their own basket that they must defend from the opposing team. Players may move the ball on the court by bouncing it on the ground while walking or running (‘dribbling‘) or by throwing it to a teammate. It is a violation to lift or drag one’s pivot foot without dribbling the ball, to carry the ball, or to hold the ball with both hands then resume dribbling.

Basketball is a game of speed and constant motion. Each team tries to gain possession of the ball and shoot it through their opponent‘s basket, while also defending their own basket. Players have specialist positions according to their skills. For instance, the tallest and strongest member of a team usually plays the position of ‘center‘ or ‘power forward‘.

A team may gain an unimpeded chance to score off the opposing team. This chance is called a ‘free throw‘ and is granted to a team in a variety of conditions, most commonly when a player makes illegal physical contact with a player of the opposite team (this is called a ‘foul‘). If the proper conditions are met, the player who was fouled (received the illegal physical contact) can try to shoot the ball from the ‘free-throw line‘ about 15 ft from the basket.

The game is divided into four periods, with each period lasting six to eight minutes. The team with the most points at the end of all four periods wins.

On an interesting historical note, basketball hoops are called baskets because the game was originally played with peach fruit baskets when it was invented in 1891.

Teso College Aloet Basketball Team

Name Class
1 Nathan Epedu (Captain) 6Sci I
2 K‘Naan Imaryo (Assistant Captain) 6Arts
3 Ibrahim Okion 5Arts
4 Amos Opus 5Sci II
5 Pascal Ogwal 5Sci II
6 Isaac Ogwal 5Sci II
7 Daniel Hope Oumo 5Sci II
8 James Benard Omongot 6Sci II
9 William Emuron 3B
10 Tobias Oberu 3B
11 Joseph Okiror 4A
12 Shaban Asnan 3B
13 Zedekiah Mukiisa 1B