SCHOOL FARM The school farm is engaged in the production of crops and livestock, as well as apiculture (the management and study of honeybees).

The main objectives of the school farm include the following:

Our School  Farm Operational Objectives

  1. To provide practical academic training to students studying agriculture, and also to train the other students in farming skills
  2. To produce food crops and animal products to supplement the students’ diet
  3. To help the students understand the importance of agriculture
  4. To prepare the students to be self-reliant after leaving school, since agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy

Achievement   The school farm raises and cares for the following:

  • 1250 hens (broilers)
  • 4 Friesian dairy cows
  • 20 pigs of the South African Gambro breed
  • An orchard with over 300 orange trees covering 3 acres of land
  • Approximately 12,000 pine trees which occupy about 12 acres of land
  • 5 large Kenya Top Bar hives with bees

We are also proud to announce that the Wildlife Sanitation and Environment Club won the National Alliance on Volunteering Efforts Youth Group Volunteer’s Award in 2009.

Future Goals – Teso College is seeking financial support to:

  • Construct a poultry house
  • Buy 5 bee hives and fence the apiary unit
  • Plant additional 10,000 pine trees
  • Procure 2 cows of the Friesian dairy breed
  • Plant 30 acres of maize
  • Open 10 acres of sweet potatoes
  • Plant one acre of vegetables
  • Expand the forest by 5 acres
  • Set up a biogas unit
  • Plant improved pastures for livestock
  • Expand the orchard by 2 acres
Students studying the environment
Students studying the environment at the tree farm.
Young Christian Society members
Christian Union students at the vegetable garden.