What is a student leader?

Student leaders represent the students at all levels, making sure that the school is playing its role, reflecting your needs, and providing a great student experience. They are democratically elected, and run the school council, clubs, and societies, as well as assisting the staff at important times, such as cleaning, meals, and sports events.

What is a UNSA Chairman?

Commonly referred to as “CM,” the Chairman is the team leader of the School Council. His job is to liaise with the Head Prefect (HP) to achieve proper welfare of the students from the school administration.

What is a Head Prefect?

The HP is the prefects’ team leader. He organizes and manages the other prefects.

What can I expect from a student leader?

Student leaders represent the administrators and students. They assist the staff at meal times and social events, and serve as immediate mediators in situations that arise in school. They give the right information to and on behalf of the students. As a role model for other students, a student leader sets the standard in terms of morality. Student leaders will be honest, obedient, well-organized, friendly and respectful. They expect the same in return from their fellow students at TCA.

Are the student leaders always on duty?

No. A team of student leaders, whose names are posted on the notice boards, shares the weekly workload. After you have been at TCA for a while you should start to identify them.

How will I know who is a student leader?

Student leaders wear name tags; this will make it easy for you to recognize them.

How do I become a student leader?

It is important to give your all in whatever you do. Although academic talent is not a requirement, most of our student leaders are committed to the learning process and the Teso College community. The call for applications is normally in May/June.

Why should you become a Student Leader?

“Great people are not simply equal to the great things they do, but they become great through making small opportunities great,” someone once said. By becoming a student leader, you will be preparing yourself for the challenges of leadership as an adult. Your experience as a student leader will help you be ready to assume a management position in the working world.