Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Members of the Teso College Aloet PTA Executive 2016
1. Mr. Okiror Peter Chairperson
2. Mrs. Ekume Apino Jane Vice Chairperson
3. Mr. Akileng Johnson Member
4. Mrs. Omunyokol Olinga E Member
5. Ms. Maraka Amina Member
6. Mr. Eroku Michael Member
7. Ms. Akello Bernadette Teachers’ Representative
8. Mr. Oguro Anthony Teachers’ Representative
9. Mr. Ocaatum Silverster Secretary

The TCA Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) acts as a liaison between the parents and the school. It was created to improve the teacher-parent relationship, provide volunteers to the School and participate in formulating school policies.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote the welfare of the students, the school and the community
  • To create better understanding between parents and teachers and a harmonious relationship between the school and the community
  • To create the necessary consciousness among parents to stimulate interest in their children and the school
  • To work for the improvement of the school through the united efforts of parents, teachers and school authorities
  • To help parents and teachers to adapt themselves to the changing concepts of society


  • To help parents understand school programs by having open days at school, when parents can visit and observe their children at work
  • To arrange for frequent general meetings where parent-teacher consultations are possible in groups as well as in one-on-one setting
  • To prepare programs which increase cooperation between the school and the community, and create better mutual understanding between parents and teachers
  • To provide various opportunities for parents and teachers to meet on an equal footing, and discuss the children’s problems
  • To arrange social get-togethers and programs of recreation for parents and teachers


Our Policy

The PTA will be purely educational, non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-political. It will not seek to interfere in the administrative matters of the school.


There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the following: one President, two Vice Presidents, one Secretary, one Joint Secretary, one Treasurer and several members. They will be elected annually by and from parents and teachers themselves.


All the parents and the teachers shall become members by paying the membership fee agreed upon by the General Body. Other interested members of the community may also become members of the PTA with the consent of the General Body.


All PTA funds will be deposited in the bank or Post Office in the name of School PTA. The account shall be handled by the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the PTA. Money shall be withdrawn only with the joint signature of any two out of three of the above-mentioned office bearers.

All the funds will be utilized for the welfare of the school and community as sanctioned by the General Body.