Role of the TCA Board of Governors (BOG)

The Board of Governors sets the strategic direction for TCA and makes corporate decisions in relation to the Board’s statutory functions. Our goal is to provide the best possible educational opportunities for all of our students. The major functions of the BOG consist of the following:

  1. Motivating the students and staff through setting the school’s vision and aims. We build on our core educational values, beliefs and moral purpose, including those of the stakeholders’, and stay current with the most innovative practices regarding teaching and learning.
  2. Establishing and maintaining the school’s ethos. We promote the moral, spiritual, intellectual, social and personal development of everyone in the academic and local community.
  3. Approving, after careful consideration, the school’s plans and policies (initially drafted by the Head teacher).
  4. Monitoring and evaluating school performance. The BOG, in coordination with the Head Teacher, draws up action plans for school improvement by using the appropriate data (provided by the Head Teacher) to identify and monitor key indicators throughout the school.
  5. Sustaining school improvement by promoting self-evaluation.
  6. We are committed to maintaining a positive culture and professional growth. We promote self-evaluation in our teachers, staff and senior management by encouraging them to reflect on their current practices and work ethics, to identify and celebrate their own strengths and the strengths of the school, and to identify and address areas for improvement in their work.
  7. Promoting good governance: The TCA Board of Governors gives proper weight to the advice and guidance of the Head teacher. We ensure that the position of governor is not used for personal gain. We declare all potential conflicts of interest, protect the confidential nature of school business and work within the school’s scheme of management.
  8. Disseminating information regarding the school and its students by providing parents with information about the school.

Members of the Teso College Aloet Board of Governors 2014

Mr. Patrick Honorat Igulot Chairperson
Dr. Okure John Vice Chairperson
Ms Akwap Esther Apeduno Member of BOG
Mr. Oleja Albert Member of BOG
Mr. Sururu Ahmed Member of BOG
Mr. Ekume Apino Jane Member of BOG
Mr. Akileng Johson Member of BOG
Ms. Apeduno Rhoda Member of BOG
Mr. Okello John Patrick Member of BOG
Mr. Ebitu James Member of BOG
Mrs Ariko Beatrice Rose Amuge Member of BOG
Ms Adeke Alex Mary Member of BOG
Mr. Silvester Ocaatum Head Teacher/Secretary 772 601 904

Teso College Aloet Board of Governers 2012

Members of the new Board of Governors pose for a photo soon after their inauguration on 1th October, 2012
Mr. Honarat Partick Igulot Chairperson Foundation Body
Ms. Hellen Abeku Adoa Vice Chairperson Foundation Body
Mr. James Epilo Foundation Body
Mr. Ahmed Sururu Foundation Body
Mr. Edward Esegu Foundation Body
Mr. Peter Okiror Parent’s Representative
Mr. Johnson Akileng Parent’s Representative
Ms. Rhoda Apeduno Local Government (LCV) Representative
Mr. Albert Okole Akol LC III Representative
Mrs. Elizabeth Ibiara Edoku Teacher’s Representative
Ms. Mary Alex Adeke Teacher’s Representative
Mr. Albert Oleja Old Students’ Representative