About Mr. Silvester Ocaatum

Mr. Silvester Ocaatum is the 14th Head Teacher of Teso College Aloet since its foundation in 1954.

Since taking office in 2009, Mr. Ocaatum’s goals for TCA have focused on increasing student enrolment and recruiting more staff for the school, rehabilitating school premises, fostering academic achievement and supporting a vibrant extra-curricular life for the student body.

Under his leadership the number of students has more than doubled since the 1970s, going from 650 to 1544. The number of staff has increased similarly, from 80 to 180. TCA student performance in the Uganda Certificate of Education (U.C.E.) and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (U.A.C.E.) examinations is once again at the top. The extra-curricular committee provides an abundance of opportunities for the students to shine, with many sports and club activities to choose from.

Mr. Ocaatum’s tenure has seen the creation of the Teso College website centre and the revitalization of the school as a whole. The Diaspora Team, led by Mr. John Kedi Osire, along with others of the Old Boys, has been instrumental in helping to restore TCA to its place in the annals of excellence for Uganda.

In 2012 TCA became the beneficiary of a multimillion shilling project by the government of Uganda and the African Development Bank group under the Asian Development Bank Education  IV project. In 2014 the President of the Republic of Uganda, H.E. GEN. (Rtd) Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, commissioned the expansion and refurbishment of Teso College.

Teso College is a large school, both in physical size and number of students. There are two semi-independent wings one km apart, separated by Soroti-Moroto Rd.

The East Wing now possesses a modern two-storey library big enough for 300 students. The main hall has been renovated and furnished to accommodate the entire student body. The state-of-the-art computer lab has 60 computers, air conditioning, and internet access. A good 10-bed sick bay serves the needs of students and staff members.

The West Wing has not been neglected, with a renovated dining hall and new modern kitchen. A new e-learning centre is also in the works. TCA claims a new tractor for the gardens and tree farm and a new 67-bus for excursions. A new grinding mill makes fresh flour for the students and surrounding community.

TCA is a challenge to oversee, almost like two schools in one. It necessitates a strong, well-coordinated administrative network. Mr. Ocaatum has organized the staff structure to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

An Old Boy of Teso College, Mr. Ocaatum took his position as Head Teacher exactly 21 years after his attendance at the school. Before that he was Head Teacher at Amuria Secondary School and Deputy Head Teacher at Iganga Secondary School.

Mr. Ocaatum has a M.A Development Studies – Education option (finalizing with Research work) from Uganda Martyrs University and a B.A with Education (Hons.) in History and CRE from Makerere University Kampala.