Academic Calendar 2017

Term From To No of Days
Term I Monday 6th February, 2017 Friday 5th May 2017 89 days
Term II Monday 29th May 2017 Friday 25nd august 2017 89 days
Term III Monday 18th September 2017 Friday 8thDecember 2017 82 days
TOTAL 260 days



Term From To No of Days
1st Term Holidays Saturday 6th May 2017 Sunday 28th may 2017 23 days
2nd Term Holidays Saturday 26rd August 2017 Sunday 17th September 2017 23 days
3rd Term Holidays Saturday 29th December 2017 Sunday 4th February 2018 58 days
TOTAL 104 days

I. Term I for S.1, year I for Technical/Farm Schools and Community Polytechnics will start on Monday is 22nd

II. Classes must start at 8:00 am and end not later than 5:00pm and not earlier than 4.30pm every day. Districts/City Inspectors of Schools are requested to ensure that schools comply.

III. Term I for S.5 and year 1 Technical/Vocational Institutes will start on 29th February 2017.

IV. Wastage and loss of teaching and learning time at the beginning and end of term must be stopped. Lessons should start promptly and terms should not be cut short without clearance from my office.

V. All schools, especially boarding schools, should designate only ONE DAY a term as a visiting day.

VI. All open days for primary schools shall be set by individual schools during second term..

VII. Parents and other stakeholders should be sensitized on the School Calendar.