Message from the Head Prefect – Ewiru Tonny, PEM/ICT, 6 Science 2015


Uganda is continually moving forward as a country and needs competent and prominent people with proven ability to steer its political, social and economic life.

Leadership training should be available in the immediate learning environment. This is the place where one is given opportunity to develop one‘s leadership abilities. Without this training a leadership vacuum is created and, eventually, society suffers the consequences.

I am reminded of a time when I was challenged to produce evidence to prove my leadership competence, but I had none. This became a point of inspiration for me thereafter. Now that I am serving as a Head Prefect in Teso College Aloet!

In my term of office I have registered tremendous success both in my life and for the College I serve. My term of office has seen the school acquire a public address system for easy communication. The relationship between students and administrators has continuously grown stronger. The school has also purchased a school bus for easy transport.

Motivated by such achievements, I therefore intend to struggle very hard and become one of the Ugandans to hold the post of Governor of World Bank.